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Puts the traditional paper 'Buy 5 Get 1 Free' style cards on customer's phones.
Loyalty cards are a proven customer retention tool and widely used by businesses to increase the lifetime value of a customer.
Works well in Food & Drink (Cafes, QSR, Bars & Restaurent) and Lifestyle Products & Services (Hair & Beauty, Sports & Recreation).



For Business, it's a marketing tool for customer retention, intelligence and communication.

It operates independently of point of sale systems.

Customers love the fact they always have your Business loyalty program with them.

No more lost or forgotten cards!


Offer Screen

Replicates the paper stamp card by displaying the stamps on screen.

Simple & easy to use interface.


We provide a portal to the business to review stats and gain customer insight (who, what, where and when).
Behind the scences the offers and details can be amended.

Search Screen

Customers can easily find your business..


With 1 touch users can join merchant's offers.

Redemption Screen

This screen is shown for redemption.


Time & Date Stamped.

Animated can be viewed once only.

Stamp Validation

"Once Off" QR Codes


A "once-off" QR code can be placed on a sticker card, with the product, for the customer to scan to join your program and/or receive a Stamp or Reward. Ideal for awarding stamps off-premise (online sales, delivery, etc.).

Stamp Beacons


We've integrated the latest beacons technology to provide you with a unique and secure way to issue stamps. Customers simply place their phone immediately beside your loyalty beacon to receive a Stamp.



Using the proprietary Stamp Me Loyalty Beacons you can have geofenced welcome and promotional messages that popup on your users phone as they enter yout predetermined loyalty zone.



Email Portal Customer is imported from Stamp Me loyalty platform.

Note: Customer Data can be exported from Stamp Me Analytic portal to your preferred email platform i.e. MailChimp, Constant Contact, Extra Target, etc.

Create Campaign

Schedule, send emails to selected customers, monitor.


Customer Sign Up Tools

Branded for Your Business

Branded Registration Page

We provide an integrated web page to your offers on the Loyacard App, that you can promote and provide links to. This provides your customers with an easy sign-up method to your offers.


In Store Marketing Materials

We help design and provide uniquely branded marketing materials to help promote your program in-store directly to your customers. We have a range of posters, stickers and hand-out materials along with buttons and images for your websites and social media

Loyalty Integrations

Hook Up Your Apps to Your Loyalty Program

Some Examples

We can link your loyalty customers directly into your preferred campaign email app such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign. As customers join your loyalty offer they will automatically appear in your email list. If you want a specific report for your business we can setup a link into a spreadsheet and even email it every day or week.


All Your Apps

Loyacard integrates into hundreds of apps that you use everyday in your business. We can set these up quickly and handle all the technical stuff for you.

Create Your Own Program

Loyacard can run a variety of different types of loyalty programs.

From simple stamp and punch cards, points based programs, membership and VIP clubs to fully integrated solutions which couple in to the business Point of Sale software.

Loyacad is also available as a private label option which allows you to focus on your own brand, whilst benefitting from our experience and infrastructure.

for more information about Brand & White label Click here.

“ Loyal customers, they don't just come back, they don't simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you. ”