Enterprise and Agencies

LoyaCard is an innovative Loyalty Management Platform that can strengthen the relationship between customers and brands and to empower marketing agencies to shape winning strategies for customer engagement with brands.
We provide the Platform and Technology, and you serve your brand and customers. LoyaCard for brands and agencies is available with full white labeling so you can run your own loyalty brand or serve your customers based on our top technology platform and mobile applications.

Benefits for the business:

  • An integrated loyalty engine designed to help businesses to adopt an effective loyalty program.
  • A scalable solution for businesses of any size who want to keep existing customers, enabling effective communication with less effort.
  • Customers can build their own loyalty programs depending on the specifics of their business.
  • Easy implementation and effective management of diverse and attractive loyalty programs, which can increase customer retention rates.
  • A latest technology for customer analysis and consumer behavior, grounded on location based marketing and near field technology.

Benefits for the marketing agency:

  • Adding value to the creation and development of bespoke marketing strategies.
  • An easy way to enlarge your customer database. You no longer need to register customers for each campaign, targeted promotion or marketing research.
  • Speed up the execution of your year round and ad-hock projects.
  • A powerful solution for indoor marketing campaigns and games at the point of sale, along with various BTL and social media campaigns.

Create Your Own Program

Loyacard can run a variety of different types of loyalty programs.

From simple stamp and punch cards, points based programs, membership and VIP clubs to fully integrated solutions which couple in to the business Point of Sale software.

Loyacad is also available as a private label option which allows you to focus on your own brand, whilst benefitting from our experience and infrastructure.

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“ Loyal customers, they don't just come back, they don't simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you. ”